Friday, October 23, 2009

To Three, or not to Three.

I have a conundrum.
I’ve been a Three customer since they first came to Sweden about 6 years ago. I keep renewing my contract because I really like Three; they have reasonable prices, the latest mobiles and a kick-ass customer service.
The thing is: most of the time, they suck! The memory card in my phone often slips out, they always have the most annoying, bizarre adverts:

now and then I can’t get any reception on my phone for no apparent reason and finally, I’ve been living in an apartment for about a year now and not once(!) been able to use my mobile internet. This is of course unacceptable. I can’t get any reception on my internet (or phone for that matter) anywhere in the flat and although Three have tried to be very helpful in getting this solved there just doesn’t seem to be any solution. And since I have an 18 month contract my only other choice is to pay the rest of my upcoming bills in one go (about 1400 kr) and end my contract.
So I guess the question is: why do I stick with Three all these years even though they are truly inferior to several other brands. Well I guess I’m just used to them. It’s probably for the same reasons why I would never choose Milko over Arla, Tropicana before Godmorgon or god forbid Findus instead of Heinz. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: branding.

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